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Help us thrive!

You can ensure the future of aerial dance and circus arts in Athens

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The future is bright

Your donation today ensures Canopy remains a vibrant community arts center dedicated to enriching the culture of our community and the lives of individuals through flying dance trapeze, movement education, and performance arts. To make a donation or learn more about Canopy, use the link in our profile or visit and click "donate."

In the past year, Canopy has provided 174 scholarships for students who benefit from alternative forms of physical education as well as students with financial difficulties who might not otherwise have access to our programs. We have also brought workshops and performances to 25 different schools and events in Athens and surrounding counties.

Using aerial arts isn’t a typical way to grow confidence, self-esteem, happiness, and creativity. When we swing and spin, joy is instant. When we do hard and scary things, we boost confidence and trust – trust in ourselves and trust in others. When we fail but continue to try, we strengthen self-determination and resilience. Canopy has fostered a generation of aerialists in our last 20 years.

As a 501 ( c ) 3 non-profit, Canopy is a resource for local artists and all individuals, regardless of background, age, or physical ability, providing instruction in movement arts and a much-needed venue for viewing and participating in performances.